Filter Refurbishment

During fiscal year 2016, the Joint Water System experienced an unexpected failure of filters 8 and 9. Upon inspection of the failed filters, it was noted that both filters needed repair. Filter 5 was demolished in 2012 and the remainder of the work was put on hold due to taste and odor issues arising in 2013. The completion of filter 5 was grouped with the repair of filters 8 and 0 during fiscal year 2016. The reserve funds maintained by the System were used to fund the rehabilitation and refurbishment of all three filters.

The filter rehabilitation and refurbishment project is a continuation of a phased approach to upgrade the water plant process improvements and extend the useful life of all capital assets. Filters 1-9 have been completely refurbished with new underdrains. The refurbishment of filters 10 and 11 was completed in the summer of 2017.

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Advanced Oxidation (Ozone) Project

Since 2013, taste and odor causing algae in Lake Hartwell has been a continual issue facing the Joint Water System. During fiscal year 2015, the System formed a research team consisting of members from the Joint Water System, Clemson University, and Synterra, a regional environmental consultancy, to develop a plan and conduct algaecide applications to a portion of Lake Hartwell near the raw water intakes. Each application proved to be an effective tool providing and approximate 8-week reduction in the taste and odor constituents. During fiscal year 2016, the Joint Water System continued the lake treatment process. Due to improved planning and detection techniques, the Joint Water System was able to keep algae below detectable levels.

The Joint Water System has also collaborated with an engineering firm to research and identify potential in plant treatment technologies to address the taste and odor issue along with other emerging threats to water quality. Advanced oxidation was recommended as the most effective treatment option to mitigate taste and odor, iron and manganese, and emerging contaminants in the raw water source. The Joint Water System initiated a construction project in February 2017 to install an ozone system at the Lake Hartwell water treatment plant and completed it in the spring of 2018.