Drinking Water safe from COVID-19

13 March 20

No need to worry about any viruses in your drinking water. Repeat…no need to worry about your drinking water. We understand there are real concerns amongst those we serve in the Upstate, but we can confidently say there need be none when it comes to the safety of your drinking water.

The entire treatment process at Anderson Regional Joint Water System has been designed to combat any viruses such as this one. Disinfection of the water continues all the way to your tap thanks to the chlorine residual we monitor daily throughout the entire system. Furthermore, the recent addition of our Advanced Ozone process adds even another layer of protection against viruses and bacteria.

We do not anticipate the virus causing any disruption to water service as we have taken the necessary precautions amongst our staff. The SCDHEC website is a helpful tool for all of us and is constantly updated as information becomes available.

Please send any concerns or questions you have to tburns@arjwater.com. We are here to serve you as we are all in this together. You can follow us on social media for any updates and our occasional attempts at humor:

We will also update this site with any further developments. Thank you for trusting us.