Mizu – 水 – Water

17 September 19

Water. How would you define it? Merriam Webster defines it quite technically, but when it comes to water there really is no interpretation of its meaning. In its simplest form water is a shared human need. No dictionary required. Water transcends languages, countries, and even political views. Water is shared by all around the globe. The human race all bears the responsibilities and challenges associated with caring for the water we’ve been given, whether that be in Anderson, SC or the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan.

Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWS) faced its biggest water challenge to date beginning in 2013. A massive algae bloom occurred in Lake Hartwell and caused significant taste and odor within the drinking water for the following four summers. To combat the issue a cutting edge, state-of-the-art Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) was designed and put in operation in March, 2018. Taste and odor issues have not been in the drinking water since.

6,828 miles away within the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan, a massive algae bloom has now grown in Lake Kasumigaura. To combat the issue, staff from the Kasumigaura water purification plant are researching how AOP could be implemented to remove taste and odor from their drinking water. Should the process be adopted, it would be the first AOP water treatment plant in all of Japan!

ARJWS was recently bestowed the incredible honor of hosting the Kasumigaura Water System onsite to share what ARJWS staff have learned and how AOP is working at the Lake Hartwell Water Treatment Plant. An interpreter was used as engineers and operations managers discussed processes and results. The interpreter relayed what each piece of machinery was used for during the tour of the plant, and also volleyed questions and answers back and forth. It was truly a special and unique experience.

One thing the interpreter never had to interpret though: the value of water. You could feel the synergy and passion within the room as we all were united under the same need for safe, clean drinking water. Mizu. It matters.