Maintenance Operator of the Year!

11 February 19

The Blue Ridge Foothills Chapter of the Water Environmental Association of South Carolina recently named Kevin Strickland as the Maintenance Operator of the Year in 2018. Kevin currently works for the Town of Williamston, where he was born and raised, and is a reflection of the entire staff’s commitment to the big vision of making a small town better.


The Town of Williamston is currently in the process of completing water infrastructure upgrades totaling approximately $2 million. These upgrades include installation of 7,000 feet of water main piping, replacement and installation of 9 fire hydrants, and the change-out of 2,500 water meters. These new meters are already paying dividends as it allows Water Department personnel to remotely monitor leaks and immediately notify customers.


This happened recently at a Williamston home where a dog had turned on a spigot in the backyard. The Water Department called the customer, went to the home and then found the source of abnormal water usage. This new technology also led to the discovery of a frozen water heater that had busted in a customer’s attic. The problem was completely unbeknownst to the resident until a call from the Water Department caused them to investigate.


As the Town of Williamston continually improves their infrastructure, a customer app for mobile devices will be released soon! This will allow Williamston residents and businesses to monitor their water usage, as well as receive alerts for anything out of the ordinary.


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